Plumbing Tips

  • Plumber Putty – When To Use It

To seal areas exposed to water but not to the pressure of water, plumber putty is used. It is basically a clay-like substance that repels water and is waterproof by nature. Place like upper portion of drain or areas of a sink are made leak proof with the use of this plumber putty. When you buy a faucet you get a rubber seal that has to be placed between the base of the faucet and the sink; you can use the putty in place of this rubber seal. This putty can also prevent water leakage and seeping. Suppose you want to seal a basket drain in place. You have to take a portion of the putty and roll it into a narrow snake like strip. You than have to make a ring with a diameter that matches the circumference of the sink’s drain

  • Use a Drain Snake for Clogs

Drain Snake, also called cable auger or plumber’s snake is a long flexible metal cable coiled like a snake with a crank attached to it for turning the cable with a locking screw. Drain snakes are used to remove clogs from the drain. You can shop for them at any plumbing department of home improvement or the local hardware store.

When you are buying a drain snake you have to choose the one with the right length which can range from 25 feet to 100 feet plus. The price range will be around £10 to £15 depending on the length of the cable.

  • When to Replace Your Water Boiler

Water boiler is an integral part of the home that keeps the family happy by providing hot water for showers, wash, baths etc. But there comes a time in the life of the water boiler when some issues or the other starts appearing. You then have to take the hard decision of whether the water boiler needs repair or replacement. It then becomes imperative that you take into account certain factors that will determine whether you have to repair the water boiler or replace it altogether.

  • Detect Leaks Before It Is Too Late

On an average the monthly consumption of water for a homeowner is between 8,000 and 15,000 gallons. In case this volume spikes suddenly without any reason, then you might assume that your water system is leaking somewhere. Water leaks can occur at all the places where there is usage of water like toilets, faucets, sprinklers, pool and so on. Detecting leaks can be very tricky, you can detect some yourself, otherwise you may have to call in a plumber in Dundee to do it as they have leak detection methods to detect difficult leaks.

  • How to Choose a Natural Gas Water boiler

Thirteen percent of the energy that is used in homes is used for heating water. Every home strives to save as much energy as possible and in order to do so they prefer to use natural gas water boiler to warm their water. This is because electric water boiler uses twice the energy to heat the same amount of water that is heated by gas water boiler. Therefore you should keep this in mind when you install a new water boiler in your home or thinking of replacing the old one. Here is some more information on natural gas water boiler that will help you to make the right choice.

  • How and Why of Handicap Bathtubs

Bathtubs for handicap incorporate safety features like walk in access, thermostat, and handheld sprayer and grab rails, besides the features that are found in normal bathtubs. These special features are to enable the handicap person to use the bathroom safely without any help. This gives them a sense of independence and self confidence.

In order to modify an existing bathtub for use of handicap person, the first that need to be done is cut away a part of the outer wall of the tub. With this modification the person will be able to walk into the tub smoothly.

  • Plumbing Rates

Plumbing rates becomes a factor of concern whenever a house owner has to get some plumbing work done at his home. Plumbing rates depends on the type of job involved and the area in which you are situated. If the job is an emergency type of job or involves odd hours like at night or weekends, then the rate escalates. Then depending on the area the rate also varies; the same job will cost more in large cities and less in small cities. This is due to the difference in the cost of living in the respective areas. But ordinarily there are two methods by which plumbers quote for their services.

  • What to Consider Replacement Plumbing Things

When you are deciding on replacement of your existing plumbing system, you should keep in mind the following factors in order to get the job done satisfactorily.

Metal pipes are subject to corrosion over time, and this can be one of the reasons that you are seeking to replace them. If you are replacing the whole plumbing system then you task is to select a suitable pipe for the system, but if it is a partial replacement, then you should purchase pipe of the same material of the existing pipes. Having different types of pipes in the plumbing system you might be inviting corrosion more rapidly.

  • The Energy Water boilers Use

Besides air conditioners and central heating systems the water boilers is the next system that accounts for around twenty five percent of your monthly utility bills. Therefore every effort should be made to conserve as much energy as possible. The ways you can do so are

The first act that you should do is try and adopt activities that reduce energy consumption, where the work can be done without the use of hot water. You can save 30 gallons of water per load if you use cold water instead of hot water in the washer. Same with the dishwasher; if you wash dishes by hand you can do so with 4 gallons instead of 12 gallons.

  • Tips for Home Plumbing Repairs

Home plumbing provides modern conveniences like running cold or hot water at the turn of a faucet and also toilets. Even though the plumbing system is so vital for running a home smoothly, everyone just takes it for granted; until something goes wrong. Homeowners can take care of minor plumbing issues themselves if they care to have some knowledge of plumbing repairs and a stock of some of the more useful plumbing tools. The most common plumbing issues that a homeowner is likely to encounter are: shutting off the water supply; repairing taps and cleaning drains. And it is no hard task to deal with them.

  • Top 10 Plumbing Emergency Tips

It might sometimes happen that the flush mechanism of the toilet may fail. If this happens the water from the tank may run constantly or the toilet will flush now and again on its own. To stop this you have to turn off the water supply using the valve which may be located behind the toilet near the floor. The problem can be fixed by simply adjusting the flush mechanism or you may have to replace the entire flush mechanism.

Clogged sink also poses problem once in a while. To unclog a sink you have to use a cup plunger. This plunger is different from the one used in toilet.

  • Why Choose Solar Hot Water

There is no complicated technology involved in solar water boilers. It is as simple as keeping a bucket of water in the sun to get heated. Solar water boilers are very effective where there is plenty of sun throughout the year. Solar water boiler has a collector and a tank, which are the main parts of the heating system.

Flat plate collector is uses most commonly. This collector consists of a thin box with small diameter tube running through it in a zig zag pattern. You can see these collectors on roof tops with a tank alongside. The water traveling through this tube gets heated up and flows down to a storage tank. To prevent the heat from escaping from this tank, it is insulated. Solar water boilers come in two models.

  • How to Choose Remodeling Contractors

The remodeling contractor is the key to your home remodeling. A good one will make your remodeling a dream come true while a bad contractor will make it a nightmare for you. In order to succeed in your venture you have to do your homework as well. Investigate thoroughly the contractors before you hire them for your project.

Reliable remodeling contractors are hard to find. But you can start looking for one through you family and friend circles. The companies that have done remodeling jobs previously should be considered first in your list. Amongst these those who have done jobs very similar to your own should be preferred. .