Why Trusted Dundee Plumbers ?

When it comes to plumbing problems, many are under the impression that they will be able to handle the problem themselves. Whenever something does happen they simply jump at the opportunity to display their skill in handling such a situation without giving it much thought. As a result the situation sometimes turns out to be a disaster in the making. Thus a situation that could have been averted with the help of a professional Dundee plumber becomes a major catastrophy. Therefore before plunging yourself into a plumbing problem you should assess the situation first to determine whether you can handle it or you need a professional Dundee plumber to do it. Whenever there is an iota of doubt, always call in the professional. Before engaging a licensed plumber determine what type of professional you require; find out the cost involved and enquire about the ability of the plumber.

How to Decide on New Plumbing System

Plumbing is the last thing that comes to mind when homeowners are busy selecting fixtures for their new home. They just concentrate on the style, longevity, aesthetic, ease of installation, ease of maintenance and all those things. They forget that whatever be the look of the fixtures, the plumbing system is the base on which the whole water system stands and if that is not properly done, any amount of styling is not going to help. But if proper care is taken on the plumbing side, it will eventually save the homeowners a lot of unnecessary hassle, frustration and expenses when they move in and use the system.

There was a time when the type of plumbing was restricted to either galvanized steel or copper pipes. But in the current scenario the choice of plumbing materials has become wide that are reliable as well as cheaper in cost. When you are looking for a new plumbing system you should consider whether the plumbing system will affect the drinking water; and whether the plumbing system will be long lasting, and how the plumbing will be installed.

Plumbing Heating

Make Your Choice of Hot Water on Demand System

How wonderful it would be if you could get hot water instantly at the turn of a tap; and would be able to save money on utility bills as well. Well it is a dream come true and tankless water boilers is going to make it happen. When you install tankless water boiler system you will be saving 40 percent on your water heating costs annually; the system is going to serve you faithfully for more than twenty years without giving you trouble; and you will be getting hot water in seconds on turning the tap on. With so much to offer you can’t resist the temptation of installing a tankless water boiler system in your home. The best part of it is that you have a choice to make from the two systems that are available. You can either choose the whole house tankless water boiler or the point-of-use water boilers.

Watch out for any Plumbing Problems

There are some problems related to plumbing that can be taken care of quite easily by you; but there are some issues that require the professional Dundee plumber to take care of. The professional is recommended because some smaller issue at first sight may seem minor but when you try to do it on you own, the issue might escalate into something that will involve a lot of expenses and harassment.

As a homeowner you will have to keep an eye on the tell tale signs of plumbing problems so that you are able to detect plumbing issues at its initial stage and take appropriate action in order to avert bigger problems. An eye on the water bill is to be kept in case there is a sudden spike in the water bill. The appliances will start giving funny noise. Also keep an eye on any wet spots that may appear on the walls or the floor; mold on surfaces; these are indication of plumbing line leaks inside the wall or under the floor. Leaks can also be detected when you find puddles of water under the kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Know Your Plumbing

Plumbing issues may crop up at any moment in you home, without giving you a chance to be ready to deal with them. It will be wise if you could have some knowledge about the plumbing system that is installed in your home so that you will be able to recognize the problem and may even be able to take care of it, if not permanently, at least temporarily until a Dundee plumber comes and solve the issue. If you find the issue beyond your skill, call a professional Dundee plumber rather than dealing with the issue yourself, as otherwise the problem may escalate to a disaster.

How to Conserve Water

Conserving water is now a necessity rather than a choice. The demand for fresh water has increased thus depleting the underground water as well. Therefore you should do all you can to conserve as much water as possible.

Bathroom is a place where we use water to the maximum. Ensure there is no leak anywhere whether in the toilet or the tap. Check your water meters periodically, if there is spike in your water bill assume there is leak. Install water saving devices in toilet, showerheads and taps. For heating water switch over to tankless boilers. Insulate hot water pipes to prevent heat escaping. Turn off the tap when you are brushing teeth or shaving; use a glass of water to rinse your brush or razor.

Choice of Water boilers

Selecting a water boiler is a serious issue as you will have to take into account a few factors that are vital. The water boiler should be able to provide enough hot water and should contribute towards conservation of energy and saving of money. When you consider such factors, other factors like the size, power source and energy efficiency also have to be deliberated on.

Due to its low upfront cost conventional storage water boilers is the preferred water heating system for home. In this system a storage tank with a capacity from 20 to 80 gallons is used to store hot water at a central location in a standby mode.

How to Determine Water boiler Sizing

Choosing the right size of water boiler is as important as choosing the right water boiler. If you make a mistake you will either be stranded with hot water running out too early, or will be seeing your energy bill going through the roof. Proper sizing will keep you warm and also save you money. And proper sizing is no big deal, with a little bit of calculation you can easily estimate the sizing.

For sizing a traditional water boiler all you have to do is choose the hour of the day when practically every plumbing fixture and house hold equipments are spewing hot water. The shower will consume around 2.2 gallons per minute; multiply this with number of shower taken with the duration of each shower.

Plumbing Repair Maintenance

Benefit By Using PVC pipe

A PVC pipe made its appearance in 1950s and was accepted as a plumbing accessory for residential water system. PVC pipe is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride which is an amalgamation of plastic and vinyl. The popularity of PVC is due to its qualities like longevity, durability, rust and rot resistance. Now a variety of PVC pipes have been developed for different usage.

PVC pipes are being used in domestic water lines, underground plumbing, and sewer lines without hesitation. It is also resistant to harmful bacteria and does not impart any kind of repulsive taste to the drinking water.

Why Change Plumbing Fixtures

When you enter the kitchen the thing that strikes you first is the plumbing fixtures. The same is true for bathroom. When you say fixtures, it can mean taps, sprayers, shower heads, drains, sinks, bathtubs and even toilets.

Taps form the most uncomplicated fixture in the kitchen or the bathroom. taps are being updated constantly and are now marketed as style icons. The style and designs focus more on beauty, elegance, function of the taps. taps are especially being manufactured for children, older persons with certain type of handle and shapes that can easily be used by them. Some even come with water saving flow regulator. The older taps and shower heads used more water to operate which lead to wastage of a lot of water as against the newer models which are aimed at enhancing the interiors of kitchen or bathroom, and also saving water.

Common Plumbing Terms

When a plumber asks you to get a part or a component that he requires urgently, you should be able to understand what he is talking about. Therefore it is imperative that you know the terms used by the plumbers for different parts and how they look and what purpose it is used for. Here are some of the more common terms used in plumbing.

1/8 Bend Offset – to set an object around a pipe this one is used.

ABS – is short of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, it is a black, rough plastic pipe for drainage use.

Access Panel – this is a opening through which plumbing or electrical work can be done.

Adapter – this is a small part used for joining two pipes together.

Why a Whole House Tankless Water boiler

With the varieties of water heating system in the market you really get confused when you have to choose one for your home. It is really a tough decision to make when you have to buy one for the first time for your new home. And in case you are replacing your old out-dated existing model, at least you have a reference point to compare with. Have you heard of the whole house tankless water boiler?

All tankless water systems have similar benefits. The old tank-style water boiler use a lot of energy, for heating and re-heating a tank full of water. The tankless water boiler uses lesser amount of energy to heat water. You will get a constant supply of hot water, as much as you want.

Benefits of Plumbing with Copper Pipes

Some people think of the future when they want to invest a large sum so that the benefits can accrue in the long run. Similar is the thought pattern when they want to install a plumbing system in their homes. Plumbing with copper pipes is one such investment. With copper plumbing you will have clean water without having to worry about rust or contamination. The repair and replacement cost of copper pipes will be negligible for years to come; it will last more than fifty years or so. In the long run ultimately copper plumbing will prove cheaper than popular alternative like galvanized pipes. The metal being recyclable, it does not pollute the environment.